Fire Truck AYAXX Double Cabin

FIRE TRUCK INDONESIA AYAXX DOUBLE CABIN. There are various types of chassis options, supported by sophisticated production equipment, such as CNC machines and robot welding. Produced by prioritizing quality on each AYAXX product. We also guarantee the best after-sales service for each AYAXX Fire truck product. The best Indonesian Fire truck manufacturer, PT Pundarika Atma Semesta, which has been producing Indonesian fire trucks under the AYAXX brand (Quality & Quality) using CNC machines and welding robots. It will be explained here several types and types of Indonesian fire trucks that have been made and marketed with AYAXX brands throughout Indonesia. Since 1996 Indonesian fire trucks under the AYAXX brand have been produced according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Fire Truck AYAXX Double cabin video

AYAXX fire trucks are made by prioritizing quality in each of their products. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, PT Pundarika Atma Semesta chooses the best production materials in order to produce the best and highest quality products. Here is a brief specification of Indonesian AYAXX fire truck:

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