A standard driver cabin can accommodate 3 (three) personnel, including driver. Behind the driver cabin is available an open compartment equipped with seats for 3 (three) personnel.


The frame of vehicle body is made from plate iron (mild steel) with thickness of 1.4 mm. Welding system with a mig welding using CO2 gas/argon-shield in order to obtain of the homogeneous and very strong connection. It is available 3 (three) compartments for keeping the equipment, equipped with lamp for illumination and shut by a lockable rolling door. The whole frame is provided with anti corrosion and its body cover is painted by primary coat, top coat (in red color) and clear protective coating.

Water tank is made of iron plate with thickness of 4 mm with 6 mm bottom part of the wall, furnished with partition (Buffle Plates) in order to obtain a maximum balance when vehicle runs in a high speed while loaded by full water tank. Welding system with a mig welding is using CO2 gas/argon-shield in order to obtain of the homogeneous and very strong connection. The tank is also furnished with "Man Hole" with size of 60 X 60 cm equipped with cover (with function as to make easy when cleaning the tank), over flow pipe, drainage pipe and water level indicator. The whole tank is covered by hot-dip-galvanized from outside and inner side for anti-corrosion purpose.

Foam tank is made of stainless steel plate (SUS 304). This tank is located in front of water tank by using mixture system of water with ratio of 3% or 6%.

Powder tube with diameter of 480 mm and height of 1100 mm, is made of carbonic iron with thickness of 4 mm and painted by active primary & top coating. This tube is located at the back part of the vehicle. Powder tube has been tested by using 2½ times of working pressure. Powder tube is equipped with outlet of 1" diameter and as well as hose reel of swing model, hose length of 1" X 20 m and equipped with nozzle. The type of powder used is Dry Chemical multipurpose ABC Powder.

The pump uses mid ship/centrifugal fire pump KSM DARLEY made in USA with capacity of 500-1000 GPM or 1890-3780 litters/minute under pressure of 150 PSI with spraying distance of 70-80 meter. This single stage mid ship pump has been tested in factory through hydrostatic test up to 500 PSI. The pump is activated through gearbox transfer. The pump is located at the middle part of the vehicle and activated through the vehicle axle to the pump's gearbox, in which the power may be transferred from wheels to pump or vice versa by using a pneumatic handle located in the driver cabin.


The vacuum pump used is a type of positive displacement rotary vane type activated by electric power from the available accumulator made in USA. This vacuum pump causes the air within the vacuum hose becomes in vacuum condition so that water can flow into the pump house. Lubricating system in this vacuum pump uses lubrication oil SAE 20-50 that is available in reservoir oil tank.
Vacuum capacity is more than 26 in. Hg (660 mm Hg).

Control Panel is located in the left and right sides of the vehicle.

The piping system is made of iron pipe sch 40 plug into a mig welding system using CO2 gas/Argon-shield gas in order to obtain a homogeneous and very strong connection.
The entire piping system is covered by hot-dip-galvanized from the inner and outside for anti corrosion purpose.

The vehicle is equipped with Deck monitor located on the body cover. The capacity (output) of this monitor is 500-750 GPM or 1890-2835 litters/minute.
This monitor can be rotated 360º with elevation angle of 60º. This monitor shall be operated manually.

HEAT EXCHANGERThis vehicle is equipped with heat exchanger having function for cooling down engine radiator, wherein the water is taken from the discharge pump and returns to suction pump.


1 (one) unit Light Bar (Blue)
2 (two) units Spotlight located at the right and left sides.
4 (four) units Tail lights - Red without turning.
1 (one) unit Electronic public address system consisting of speaker, amplifier and microphone.

1 (one) unit Aluminum extension ladder 3m X 2".
2 (two) units Suction hoses with diameter 4" or 5" X length 4m c/w coupling.
6 (six) units Discharge hoses diameter 2.5" X 20 m c/w coupling.
1 (one) unit Metal strainer diameter 4" or 5".
1 (one) unit Fire extinguisher dry powder 6 Kg.
2 (two) units Jet Nozzles
2 (two) units Head Variable Nozzles
1 (one) unit Fire Axe
1 (one) unit Crowbar
1 (one) roll Manila Rope diameter 1" X 10m
2 (two) pieces Fireman Jackets
1 (one) piece Fire Blankets
1 (one) unit First Aid Box
2 (two) units Wheel Chucks